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Where you receive your Physical Therapy or Rehab is YOUR choice as the patient:
Your choice of your Physical Therapist is up to you the patient. If a surgeon or physician refers you to physical therapy you may receive your treatment where you wish.

Valley Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing the best physical therapy services to our patients to be found anywhere! Our dedication to our patients has allowed us to grow and serve many patients in multiple communities of Connecticut for over 25 years!

Valley Physical Therapy - Connecticut

Valley Physical Therapy LLC - Call 860-347-4426
Providing comprehensive services in the field of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation since 1983 to many Connecticut Counties. Our practice strives to work alongside our patients and their physicians to provide the best possible outcomes for each patients health and well being. Valley Physical Therapy is a privately owned, physical therapist owned medical practice and our practice has been built on one premise, getting our patients back to their maximum potential efficiently, effectively, and as pain free as possible.

We offer one on one direct patient care by highly skilled physical therapists. This is NOT a "group therapy" setting. We have private treatment rooms as well as gym areas and we offer aquatic therapy in our Cromwell location.
Our Staff
Our Physical Therapy staff is comprised of a team of dedicated qualified and licensed therapists that are some of the top people in the field. We are proud of the work that we have done with our many patients that have prospered through our care as well as the excellent working relationships that we have built over these many years with the wonderful talented physicians, surgeons, and health care professionals from the many Connecticut counties we serve.

As with any health care professional, we all work in the world of insurance and a maze of Health Care plans. Valley Physical Therapy accepts all major insurance plans and participates in many others. Call for an appointment and we will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

In the State of CT "Direct Access" for Physical Therapy has been passed. This allows you to come directly to us for a physical therapy evaluation without first visiting a physician or surgeon. If you require further care, most insurance carriers will require a referral for ongoing Physical Therapy or rehabilitation treatments, our staff members will be glad to help you obtain the proper documentation for your insurance coverage. Your physician or surgeon can easily provide you with a prescription (referral) for physical therapy.

When you require Physical Therapy or Rehabilitation Services, you are free to be treated at whichever Therapy practice you choose. Your prescription for physical therapy is all that you need to receive treatment

Thank You...
One of the nicest compliments that any health care worker can ever be given is to receive a patient that is a member of a former patients family or a patient that is a friend of a former patient. People that are arriving for our services because they know personally of a good result. We have been blessed to have that happen time and time again due to the excellent physical therapy and rehabilitation care that we provide.

We Thank You all, all of our wonderful patients and all of the excellent physicians, surgeons, and health care professionals that we work with, for a wonderful relationship and we hope to continue to provide the best in rehabilitation and physical therapy services offered anywhere for many years to come. We enjoy meeting and caring for your families and friends and we have been honored by your trust. We hope you do not ever need physical therapy or rehabilitation services, but when you do, we hope to see you here.

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